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Supervan Ltd Brentwood there's more to Supervan Ltd than just vans

Supervan Ltd – home of top quality, competitively priced van, car, lorry and motorbike rental

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? Is it a van? It could very well be a car, lorry or a bike as there’s much more to Supervan Ltd than just vans!

The name is sometimes a little misleading; based in Brentwood, Essex, Supervan Ltd may be a van hire specialist but we have also built up a massive fleet of cars, lorries and motorcycles to suit all your rental needs. And that’s not all – Supervan Ltd also hires out a wide range of vehicle accessories to save you money and hassle, including SatNavs, top boxes, sack trucks, roof racks, tow bars and Continental road safety kits.

You may be planning on hiring a family saloon to explore the UK. You might be moving and are looking for affordable removals van or lorry hire in Essex. The ultimate MotoGP or Isle of Man TT experience would be on your own rented Superbike or Sportsbike! Perhaps your current van needs to be repaired so you require a short term replacement. You might even be hiring a caravan for your forthcoming holiday and would prefer to hire a towbar for the week rather than having to fork out the money to buy something you will rarely use again.

The beauty of Supervan Ltd is that whatever your vehicle needs, we have everything you need. Our cars and vans range from Fiat 500s and Renault Espace 7-seaters to Renault Kangoo vans and 7.5 tonne box lorries. They all have power steering, central air conditioning and a radio/CD player as standard and come with full comprehensive insurance and breakdown cover.

Many of our cars are automatics and – rare for UK van hire specialists – we also have a fleet of automatic vans – the Renault automatic SWB. MWB and LWB vans.

We have a wide and well maintained fleet of motorcycles to suit all levels of rider, with models such as BMW S1000RR HP4 Carbons, Honda CBR 1000 Fireblades, Ducati Multistrada 1200 S Granturismos and 1200 S Pikes Peak among our motorbikes available to hire.

Just like our motorbike, car, lorry and van hire, accessories can be rented for just a day, weekend or longer.

If that wasn’t enough, Supervan Ltd’s cars, vans and motorbikes can all be taken to Europe. We can arrange all of the necessary documentation and precautions on your behalf, such as the relevant insurance before your journey, reducing time and hassle for you.

So the next time you consider hiring a vehicle – or vehicle accessories – just remember that there’s a lot more to Supervan Ltd than you’d think!

Supervan Ltd Brentwood

Supervan Ltd Brentwood Van hire car hire in Europe fully comprehensive cover

Planning a trip to Europe and need a van or car?

Hiring a vehicle in Europe is relatively simple; agree a pick-up and drop location once you get to the country you’re travelling in, make sure you have your passport and driving licence to hand and the rest is pretty straightforward.

But what if you need to hire a van in the UK to then travel to Europe? Suddenly the options are very limited. Look on the internet and you will find a wealth of car hire and van hire specialists but, of course, you need to get yourself and anything you are planning on transporting with you. And if you require a van, it’s very likely that you’re going to struggle with a baggage allowance of 20kg!

This is where Supervan Ltd; based in Brentwood, Essex, we are only 90 minutes drive from Dover and Folkestone, linking you directly by ferry or the Channel Tunnel to France. Yet, there are many van hire companies that are closer so why choose us?

It’s simple – customers from across Essex have hired our vans to take across to Europe. And we make it all incredibly easy for you; Supervan Ltd can arrange fully comprehensive insurance, tax and breakdown cover on your behalf, and will ensure that all documentation and necessary precautions have been sorted before you pick up your chosen van. We will even make sure you have a first aid kit… just in case!

Not only will you and your goods be safe in transit, but you will also be legally covered to travel in Europe. Plus, our commercial vehicles for hire are all less than three years old, diesel to ensure maximum fuel economy during your journey and come with air conditioning, central locking, electric windows and mirrors, and a radio/CD player as standard. Tow bars are also available on request; please call Supervan Ltd for more details.

Supervan Ltd has an extensive van hire selection, ranging from Renault Kangoo and Traffic vans, with maximum payloads of 625kg and 1092kg, to 7.5 tonne box lorries, which can all be hired for European travel.

We will also fully valet your vehicle, both before and after your hire period, meaning you will enjoy a safe, legal, comfortable and economical trip, no matter how far you may be travelling in France, Spain, Germany, Italy or Europe!

Please contact Supervan Ltd on 01277 366 602 for further information on European van hire.

Please note that certain restrictions may apply

Supervan Ltd Brentwood

Supervan Ltd Brentwood van hire car hire tips in keeping cool this summer

Top tips for safe and comfortable driving in the summer weather

The summer is here and although the sun has been a little shy to appear, the weather – and your car or van and its passengers – this week has been heating up.

With this in mind, Supervan Ltd shares its top tips on keeping safe, cool and comfortable when driving in hot weather.

Most modern vehicles come with air conditioning as standard; Supervan Ltd’s wide range of quality vans and quality cars all have air conditioning, meaning that you can revel in a cool blast of air whenever the temperature becomes too much to bear. But remember that despite air con, very hot weather can result in irritability, drowsiness and dehydration so it is always worthwhile taking along some cold drinks in a cool-bag for you and your passengers if you’re planning any longer trips.

Unfortunately, air conditioning can’t lower the temperature of an overheating vehicle, so make sure you check the water levels and ensure that your radiator’s coolant is topped up before setting off. Your tyres should also be checked as air expands when hot and your tyre pressure can change. Check the pressure and inflate when your tyres are cold. And don’t fill your fuel tank up to the brim as expansion from the heat can cause a leak.

Sunny weather in the UK and traffic jams often go hand in hand, as half the population flock to the coast for a bit of sun, sea and sand. To avoid roasting in a standstill queue for hours, ask a passenger to check real time UK traffic updates in order to avoid traffic jam hotspots.

You may be planning a longer journey and want to break it up with a couple of stops. However, please remember to think before you park. Leave your vehicle in the strong sunshine and you will return to the equivalent of an oven on wheels, so always try to find a shaded area. Plus, pets should never be left in a car during hot weather; we have sadly heard of many cases of pets dying of heat exhaustion and dehydration in hot cars. Please ensure that if you are taking your pet with you, you provide them with plenty of ventilation and water, and plan for regular exercise breaks during your trip.

You may automatically assume that you will be using your windscreen wipers and screen wash more in the winter to ward off rain and snow, but in reality, the hot weather brings its own visibility challenges. How often have you been driving in the summer and ended up with a windscreen full of squished insects? Always keep your screen wash topped up and check your wiper blades for splits or damage before you travel.

Located in Brentwood, Essex, Supervan Ltd ensures that all of our vehicles – whether vans, cars or motorbikes – are fully maintained and serviced, ready for summer or winter. If you are planning a journey and are considering hiring a high quality, affordable vehicle, then contact us here Supervan Ltd today on 01277 366602.

Supervan Ltd Brentwood