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Do I need to inform the vehicle hire company that I am taking the vehicle abroad?

Simply put, yes. As soon as you step foot in a different country, you are subject to foreign laws and regulations. Vehicle insurance comes with a myriad of rules and stipulations, so it is vital that you let your vehicle hire company know if you are planning on taking the vehicle abroad to ensure that you are legally covered.

For example, Supervan Ltd’s vehicles all come with full comprehensive insurance to travel in the UK. However, we do need to be informed so that we can reinsure your chosen van, car or motorbike for road risk, breakdown cover and repatriation. You may believe that using your own insurance will cover you when driving in the Continent, but the reality is that in most cases, you are only automatically covered for basic Road Traffic Accident (RTA) insurance.

You can, of course, get cheap breakdown cover but many of the more basic policies do not include repatriation, which can become a massive issue if your vehicle cannot be repaired and you need to get yourself and the vehicle back to the UK. According to the AA, repatriation costs £995 on average – a high price to pay for the sake of a few pounds.

Where are you travelling to and through?

Supervan would also need to know your destination and the countries you are planning on travelling through on the way. Our vehicle insurance will cover you in the majority of Europe and Eurasia; however there are some exceptions that require you to hold a Green Card as proof of your insurance overseas. These countries include:

  • Albania
  • Serbia and Montenegro
  • Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • Belarus
  • Macedonia
  • Ukraine

Other legal requirements to consider

Depending on the country or countries you are visiting, you may be required to adhere to a number of other guidelines and legalities; for example, when travelling in Spain, there must be reflective jackets within the passenger compartment of your vehicle that must be worn by the driver and/or passengers when exiting an immobilised vehicle on all motorways and busy roads.

Other requirements may include:

  • GB stickers – compulsory unless your UK registration plates display the GB Euro-symbol  
  • Spare bulb kit
  • Fire extinguisher
  • First aid kit
  • Warning triangle
  • Breathalyser
  • Certain amount of cash to pay on-the-spot fines


Luckily, Supervan Ltd can take all the pressure away from you; with years of experience in hiring vans, hiring cars and hiring motorcycles for travel both in the UK and Europe, we have the knowledge and understanding of the rules and pitfalls to help. We can take care of all the insurance, breakdown cover (including repatriation), documentation and must-have items for your journey, and all at the best possible prices.

All of our vehicles are maintained and serviced to the highest standards, and those all-important tyre, water, and oil checks will have been carried out before you take delivery, minimising the possibility of anything going wrong whilst abroad.

For more information, please call Supervan on 01277 366 602.

Supervan Ltd Brentwood

Supervan Ltd Brentwood Van hire car hire in Europe fully comprehensive cover

Planning a trip to Europe and need a van or car?

Hiring a vehicle in Europe is relatively simple; agree a pick-up and drop location once you get to the country you’re travelling in, make sure you have your passport and driving licence to hand and the rest is pretty straightforward.

But what if you need to hire a van in the UK to then travel to Europe? Suddenly the options are very limited. Look on the internet and you will find a wealth of car hire and van hire specialists but, of course, you need to get yourself and anything you are planning on transporting with you. And if you require a van, it’s very likely that you’re going to struggle with a baggage allowance of 20kg!

This is where Supervan Ltd; based in Brentwood, Essex, we are only 90 minutes drive from Dover and Folkestone, linking you directly by ferry or the Channel Tunnel to France. Yet, there are many van hire companies that are closer so why choose us?

It’s simple – customers from across Essex have hired our vans to take across to Europe. And we make it all incredibly easy for you; Supervan Ltd can arrange fully comprehensive insurance, tax and breakdown cover on your behalf, and will ensure that all documentation and necessary precautions have been sorted before you pick up your chosen van. We will even make sure you have a first aid kit… just in case!

Not only will you and your goods be safe in transit, but you will also be legally covered to travel in Europe. Plus, our commercial vehicles for hire are all less than three years old, diesel to ensure maximum fuel economy during your journey and come with air conditioning, central locking, electric windows and mirrors, and a radio/CD player as standard. Tow bars are also available on request; please call Supervan Ltd for more details.

Supervan Ltd has an extensive van hire selection, ranging from Renault Kangoo and Traffic vans, with maximum payloads of 625kg and 1092kg, to 7.5 tonne box lorries, which can all be hired for European travel.

We will also fully valet your vehicle, both before and after your hire period, meaning you will enjoy a safe, legal, comfortable and economical trip, no matter how far you may be travelling in France, Spain, Germany, Italy or Europe!

Please contact Supervan Ltd on 01277 366 602 for further information on European van hire.

Please note that certain restrictions may apply

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