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Supervan Ltd Brentwood van hire car hire tips in keeping cool this summer

Top tips for safe and comfortable driving in the summer weather

The summer is here and although the sun has been a little shy to appear, the weather – and your car or van and its passengers – this week has been heating up.

With this in mind, Supervan Ltd shares its top tips on keeping safe, cool and comfortable when driving in hot weather.

Most modern vehicles come with air conditioning as standard; Supervan Ltd’s wide range of quality vans and quality cars all have air conditioning, meaning that you can revel in a cool blast of air whenever the temperature becomes too much to bear. But remember that despite air con, very hot weather can result in irritability, drowsiness and dehydration so it is always worthwhile taking along some cold drinks in a cool-bag for you and your passengers if you’re planning any longer trips.

Unfortunately, air conditioning can’t lower the temperature of an overheating vehicle, so make sure you check the water levels and ensure that your radiator’s coolant is topped up before setting off. Your tyres should also be checked as air expands when hot and your tyre pressure can change. Check the pressure and inflate when your tyres are cold. And don’t fill your fuel tank up to the brim as expansion from the heat can cause a leak.

Sunny weather in the UK and traffic jams often go hand in hand, as half the population flock to the coast for a bit of sun, sea and sand. To avoid roasting in a standstill queue for hours, ask a passenger to check real time UK traffic updates in order to avoid traffic jam hotspots.

You may be planning a longer journey and want to break it up with a couple of stops. However, please remember to think before you park. Leave your vehicle in the strong sunshine and you will return to the equivalent of an oven on wheels, so always try to find a shaded area. Plus, pets should never be left in a car during hot weather; we have sadly heard of many cases of pets dying of heat exhaustion and dehydration in hot cars. Please ensure that if you are taking your pet with you, you provide them with plenty of ventilation and water, and plan for regular exercise breaks during your trip.

You may automatically assume that you will be using your windscreen wipers and screen wash more in the winter to ward off rain and snow, but in reality, the hot weather brings its own visibility challenges. How often have you been driving in the summer and ended up with a windscreen full of squished insects? Always keep your screen wash topped up and check your wiper blades for splits or damage before you travel.

Located in Brentwood, Essex, Supervan Ltd ensures that all of our vehicles – whether vans, cars or motorbikes – are fully maintained and serviced, ready for summer or winter. If you are planning a journey and are considering hiring a high quality, affordable vehicle, then contact us here Supervan Ltd today on 01277 366602.

Supervan Ltd Brentwood

Fiat Ducato automatic vans

Supervan adds five new vans to its fleet of automatics

Those who know a little about vans will know that automatic vans are pretty few and far between. Yet for drivers who need to hire a van but haven’t had much experience or confidence with a larger vehicle, opting for a van with automatic transmission can be a very wise choice.

Simply put, as with a car, it is easier to drive an automatic van than a manual counterpart as you don’t need to worry about changing gear and clutch control. Because of this, a driver only needs to use their right foot to operate the accelerator and brake, meaning no aching left foot if you get stuck in traffic. Automatics have also been designed to start moving as soon as the handbrake and/or pedal brake is lifted; therefore, hill starts are much easier to navigate.

In addition, whereas previously, automatic vehicles were considered high maintenance, but with recent investment by car manufacturers in transmission system technology, automatics are now just as economical as manual cars and vans.

Based in Brentwood, here at Supervan we’ve a wide range of clients, ranging from those in need of a van on a regular basis, to customers who have never driven a van before and may lack a little confidence. Therefore, we have built a fleet of Fiat Ducato automatic vans, which have proved so popular that we have just added another five to our range.

Our fleet of Fiat Ducato automatics are all under a year old and come complete with power steering, central locking, electric windows and mirrors, air conditioning, SatNav, Hands Free and Bluetooth, and a radio/CD player:

Fiat Ducato SWB Euro 5. Diesel engine for maximum economy, fuel efficiency, power and torque. Three seats, load space of 8 cubic metres, maximum payload of 1155kg.
Fiat Ducato MWB Euro 5. Diesel engine, three seats, load space of 11.5 cubic metres, maximum payload of 1375kg.
Fiat Ducato LWB Euro 5. Diesel engine, three seats, load space of 13 cubic metres, maximum payload of 1525kg.

There are not many vehicle hire specialists that offer automatic van hire, and we have seen customers coming from London to Brentwood just to hire one of our Fiat Ducato automatics.

Supervan’s prices for automatic vans start at just £75 per day or £255 for six/seven days and include VAT, unlimited mileage (UK only), comprehensive insurance and roadside assistance. Tow bars are also available on request.

So the next time you need a van but aren’t sure if a manual is the right choice for you, call Supervan in Brentwood on 01277 366 602.

Supervan Ltd Brentwood

Supervan Ltd Brentwood Renault Clio Va Va Voom

Brand new Renault Clio now available at Supervan

Enjoy even more ‘Va Va Voom’ with the new Renault Clio. As Laurens van den Acker, Director of Industrial Design at Renault comments, “Cars are not just for getting us around; they can also inspire dreams and desires. From initial concept through to production, the sensual lines of the new Renault Clio have been focused on total seduction… The personality of the new Clio is evident in every detail and its dynamic curves.”

Having scooped the 2012 ‘Golden Steering Wheel’ award in the ‘small class’ category, anyone looking for a comfortable and efficient means of travel will love the new Clio. Specifications on the Expression model include touch screen technology with integrated technology, electrically adjustable and heated door mirrors, hill start assist, ABS with Electronic Brake Distribution (EBD), Electronic Stability Control (ESC), a radio with USB, Bluetooth and Handsfree technology, and an efficient engine featuring up to 88.3mpg.

Other Clio models have Handsfree key cards, Renault MediaNav integrated onboard multimedia systems, alloy wheels, rear parking sensors and automatic climate control.

During Auto Trader’s ‘expert review’, Martyn Collins commented that ‘what impresses is the huge step forward this car has made over the last generation. It makes the established competition look staid and should be given serious consideration.”

Efficient motoring

The new Renault Clio is leading the way in lowering fuel consumption without sacrificing driving pleasure. Technologies include:

Stop & Start
The car’s engine stops automatically when the vehicle comes to a stop or is put into neutral.

Energy Smart Management (ESM)
By recharging the car’s battery during braking phases, the vehicle is able to save additional energy.

When starting the car from cold, thermomanagement saves energy and reduces CO2 emissions (1%).

Active air shutters
Improved dynamics by reducing drag through opening and closing flaps at the front of the radiator.

Eco-mode switch
Reduce fuel consumption by up to 12% by activating the Eco-mode switch.

Hire a new Renault Clio from Supervan Ltd

Based in Brentwood, Essex, Supervan has both manual and automatic Renault Clios available to hire from just £45 per day, £120 for three days, or £150 per week*. Five door, with 300 litres of storage space in the boot and a folding rear bench to aid practicality, it is ideal for those travelling with a decent amount of luggage, but who don’t want – or need – a large car.

All of our new Renault Clios have air conditioning, central locking, electric windows and mirrors, and a radio/CD player.

We take great pride in all our our cars, and ensure that they are fully maintained to the highest standard and clean and tidy at all times.

Put some Va Va Voom in your life – next time you need to hire a car, come to Supervan!

*Our price includes unlimited mileage (UK only), Comprehensive insurance and roadside assistance, and VAT.