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What should I know when hiring a car or van?

Whether you need to rent a vehicle for a day or on a long term basis, it is important that you don’t leave yourself open to problems down the line. Unfortunately, there have been negative stories about people being misled by car and van hire firms and reports of misuse by the hirer, so it is vital that you are informed about the restrictions you have to adhere to in order to comply with our own terms and conditions and the law.

Here at Supervan Ltd, we are known for our great value and flexibility; however, we, as all reputable hire firms do, have terms and conditions to safeguard our vehicles, people and clientele. This is not just a case of protecting ourselves; when you are considering a 7.5 tonne lorry or 7-seater car, implementing these terms and conditions not only uphold our legal responsibilities, but ensure the safety of our customers, the general public and staff.

For example, documentation is a must. The hirer must provide their full licence before any vehicle is released into their possession. They must also provide two recent utility bills as proof of residence and a debit/credit card. Foreign nationals will also be asked to bring along their passport.

Anyone hiring a vehicle from Supervan Ltd must be between the ages of 25 and 70 years old.

Anyone with car or van insurance will know that premiums can be an issue for people in certain occupational industries. Unfortunately, because of these restrictions, Supervan Ltd is unable to rent vehicles to those working within the following areas: professional entertainers, professional sportspeople, members of the nightclub owners, publicans and owners of gaming establishments. We also must be made aware of any driving offences prior to hiring a car or van, and these must be disclosed and agreed by our insurers before you hire a vehicle. If you do not disclose any issues in advance, we may have to refuse rental and you might then lose your rental charge.

Something else that may sound obvious but has to be stated for the safety of the hirer and vehicle is that under no circumstance can any Supervan vehicle be used in competition, whether a rally, track day, trial, motocross, performance test, enduro event or speed trial.

We’ve all been there – perhaps we’ve parked in an unknown town and received a fine or didn’t realise the speed limit and have been issued a ticket. However, just because you don’t legally own the hire vehicle, you are legally responsible for the repayment of any parking fine, speeding ticket, toll or congestion charge and any other chargeable offence whilst the vehicle is in your possession. You are also responsible for any damage to the vehicle while it is in your care, which includes tyre damage, punctures or excess tyre wear. Any bodywork or mechanical repairs that have to be carried out must be done through Supervan Ltd’s authorised repairers, so please do not attempt to fix any damage yourself.

It may make perfect sense to you but you would be surprised at how many people will hire a vehicle with a full tank and try to return it running on fumes! Please ensure that you replace all fuel used before you bring your hire car or van back to Supervan Ltd.

Please also remember that whilst you are able to take your hire vehicle anywhere in the UK (EU travel is also available on request; charges apply), excessive journeys will result in wear and tear to the car or van. Therefore, if you do go over your agreed hire agreement mileage allowance, you will be responsible for an excess mileage charge.

For our abbreviated terms and conditions, please click here; full terms and conditions are available on the back of our hire agreement forms.

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